NML - Wellness & Reflection Room

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The Norris Medical Library Wellness and Reflection Room is located on the lower level of the library and is a quiet space to meditate, pray, stretch, or just find a few moments to reflect and reduce stress. The room is not intended for individual or group study. 

Room Reservations

The room is intended for individual use and we ask that you use our reservation system to book a space. Up to two individuals can use the space on the same reservation, but groups are not permitted. Only USC faculty, staff, and students may make reservations. Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations take priority.

Click here to reserve the room.

Please utilize the “In Use” sign to avoid disturbances during your session.  

Reservations can be made (7) days in advance for 30 minutes, up to 1 hour. Up to 3 reservations can be made per day not exceeding 90 minutes. Multiple reservations can be made per week. Be mindful of other individuals who may have booked the room after your session.  

General Use

  • Water bottles are permitted. Please refrain from eating or drinking in the space.
  • The use of candles or incense is not permitted. Do not use scented or flammable items.  
  • We ask that you keep noise to a minimum, especially if using devices for your session.  


  • Equipment in the room should not leave the space.  
  • If using a yoga mat or foam roller, please wipe down equipment with designated wipes. 
  • Return all equipment/furniture to the original position before leaving the room. 
  • Ensure you return all checked out equipment to the front desk of the library.
  • Please refrain from bringing in furniture from elsewhere in the library such as chairs or tables. 

For questions about the Wellness & Reflection room, please email: medlib@usc.edu

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