Visions&Voices Fall 2007

Harvest Time

Theme Guides to selected programs from the Fall 2007 Visions & Voices program were created in partnership with USC Libraries faculty and staff.
Look for recommended books and readings on the people, performances and topics covered by these events.
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Photo: Holly Burt from Los Angeles, CA, "Harvest time", University of Southern California, CC BY 2.0

Visual Religion: The Cultural Work of Seeing and Believing (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF)
September 11, 2007
William Dyrness and David Morgan discuss historical and contemporary visualizations of Jesus by different religious communities. 
Additional topics in guide: Hollywood, clippings morgue; Guide creator: Judy Truelson.
Radio Stories and Other Stories: An Evening with Ira Glass (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF)
September 11, 2007
Glass gives a multimedia presentation modeled after his radio program reflecting the power of storytelling and the arts to lift the human spirit.
Additional topics in guide: StoryCorps; Guide creator: Felicia Palsson.
Community Music Now!: Featuring Build an Ark and the Dublab Soundsystem (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF)
September 25, 2007
Build An Ark, featuring Dwight Trible, Phil Ranelin and Nate Morgan and led by Carlos Niño, perform - then engage the audience in a conversation Lynell George. 
Additional topics in guide: Community arts, Horace Tapscott; Guide creator: Sue Tyson.
Los Angeles Public-Art Walking Tour (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF)
September 29, 2007
Caryl Levy leads students on a tour of public art commissioned by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
Additional topics in guide: Gilbert Lujan; Guide creator: Anthony Anderson.
Avenue Q (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF)
October 5, 2007
Avenue Q tells the story of Princeton, an optimistic college grad who comes to New York, featuring a cast of people and puppets.
Additional topics in guide: Puppetry; Guide creator: Kim Esser.
The Crucible by Arthur Miller (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF)
October 12, 2007
This drama focuses on a farmer, his wife and a young servant-girl who maliciously causes the wife’s arrest for witchcraft. Discussions with the cast and director will follow both performances. Organized by the USC School of Theatre.
Additional topics in guide: 1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials, ergot, ; Guide creator: Ross Shimeca.
Make a Joyful Noise: From Shepherds' Pipes to the Voices of Angels (Theme Guide: Research Guide - PDF)
December 7, 2007
At this event, Adam Gilbert and the Thornton Baroque Sinfonia  perform alongside Italian zampognaro Guido Iannetta, demonstrating Italian bagpipes and shawms, juxtaposing rustic pipes and highart music, and inviting the audience to sing along. Organized by Adam Gilbert.
Additional topics in guide: Folk music; Guide creator: Judy Truelson.