LVL - 3rd Floor

  • No Computer

Study carrels and open tables provide comfortable study space. Wireless networks and ethernet jacks support laptop connectivity.

  • study seats - 100 study seats are equipped with electrical outlets for laptop use; laptop lounge chairs and carrels are also available
  • collaborative rooms - six group study rooms available.  Room capacities vary from 2 to 9 students.  302A, 301C-F are reservable online. 302B holds 9 students and is first come first served.  
  • access to electricity for laptop users - study tables, laptop lounge chairs, and group study rooms provide easy access to electricity
  • fast network connectivity - 1 gigabit per second

West wing of 3rd floor - seats for quiet study

East wing of 3rd floor - Mon.-Thurs., 3-8 pm, area is used for collaborative student work and may not be suitable for quiet study.